CSX Transportation has recently announced a track maintenance project set to begin on Monday, March 27th, 2023. This project will include replacing the wooden railroad ties within the track’s surface along parts of Brantley County. Please keep in mind the following estimated closure dates are merely the best approximation we can provide at this time.  These dates are highly subject to change with or without notice simply due to many unforeseen circumstances that can occur in the field once the work begins.  Crossings will be closed anywhere from 2-5 days, depending on the type of maintenance they are set to receive.  However, with the one-way in/out crossings, we will work as hard as possible to have those accessible within a 24-hour period (or less).

GA HWY 32 Hortense- Closing on/around 4/3/23
Trudie Rd- Closing on/around 4/4/23
Raybon Road West-Closing on/around 4/5/23
Hoke Rd -Closing on/around 4/6/23
Knox St- Closing on/around 3/28/23
Burton St- Closing on/around 3/28/23
GA Hwy 82 / GA 520 Nahunta- Closing on/around 3/29/23
Robin Lane – Closing on/around 3/30/23
Britt Still Rd -Closing on/around 4/3/23
Caney Bay Rd – Closing on/around 4/3/23
Johns Way- Closing on/around 4/4/23
Archie Lane – Closing on/around 4/5/23
Taylor Bay Rd – Closing on/around 4/5/23